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Internasional - 11 Jan 2013 - 03:51:32

Boy Scout Of America Visit To Dhanapala Scout Troop

580006_Berita Dhanapala.jpg

In this occasion, to welcome the boy scout of America is quite different than before. It's because this event is held in the middle of holiday time for the student.

In that morning, an “Avanza” car with a sticker that written “Kwarnas” and blue minibus getting inside through the gate of 76 Junior High School. They arrived 45 minutes earlier than scheduled. Good thing that we were ready.

They were welcomed by third rank scout making a line. Inside the school, there were tens of rovers from Dhanapala and Laksmapasha scout group that welcomed the BSA delegations. They were welcomed by a simple word cry from the Melati scout patrol and the Rajawali scout patrol. Shined eyes the guest faces. From their admission, they never see that before. Afterwards they introduce their self and start knowing each other. This time Ari from Rajawali scout patrol, volunteer him self to introduce him self and his friends to the guests.

After they mingle outside they went inside into a hall and eat Indonesian traditional snack. At that morning Nicholas Meehan an eagle scout from America accidentally bite a cayenne pepper and expressed. Everyone laugh at his expressions. “Young man try everything” kak fuad joke’s to that new Dhanapala's best friend.

The event is continued. There was a formal ceremony to tell their opinion and question which turned out to be not to formal. They shared their experience. We continued playing some random games with the BSA delegations. It was quite a challenge to Dhanapala members that have to say everything in English.
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